1 How to register:
We offer a personalized registration, please contact us to schedule an appointment to complete the registration.
2What methods of payment do you accept?
- Cash or checks (there is a $35 return fee charge)
3What do I do if my child does not want to come to class?
Consistency is very important. You should bring your child to class and give us the opportunity to engage him or her in a fun and safe activity.
4What is your scheduling policy.?
We encourage parents to be on time and be courteous to other students. Please be aware that there is a six-hour notice require to cancel a lesson. We prefer a text or a phone call for a cancelation.
5What is your weather cancellation policy?
We can complete the lesson if it is raining. However, classes will be canceled if lighting or heavy rain. We will be happy to reschedule a class if it is suspended under 20 minutes.

Write us a message

In case of any questions feel free to contact us

    Call or Text 954-309-2133
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