Swimming Philosophy

  • Safety, comfort, and trust are my core principles.
  • Survival and effective survival skillset prioritized over good looking swimming style.
  • Tailored and flexible class to the needs and abilities of the student(s).
  • Interweave the monotonous and repetitive actions that drives learning through a mixture of fun activities.
  • Every activity builds on a previously learned activity.
  • Modern toolset and progressive techniques.

Build on essentials life skills:

  • Instill confidence through positive reinforcement of their abilities.
  • Learn to overcome challenges through effort and practice.
  • Encourage to push their own limits.

Customer Experience

  • Flexible schedule.
  • Clear communication and feedback.
  • Strive to provide a peace of mind near a body of water.My program is an easy caring and gentle method, but very effective, that I have been developed over 18 years and more than 1000 lessons
  • Convenient as I drive to you
  • Every class has a progressive method and focus on safety first.
  • One on one lessons allows the student to use his or her abilities and learn and his or her own pace. This helps for fast learning.

Parent Involvement

  • Parents can play an important role in helping your children learn to swim
  • The most important decision is to enroll them in swimming classes
  • Providing safety around the water at all times
  • Follow up with practice after lessons
  • Maintain a positive attitude through all the learning process
  • Constant supervision even if the child has a floating device
  • Classes must be without many interruptions. Consistency is important.
Call or Text 954-309-2133
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